Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As an addition to the previous post I wanted to update on his situation. This might not interest some, but I find it absolutely astounding. I'm not sure the average number of times a guinea pig poops per hour, but Stud Muffin has pooped 17, YES 17 times in the last 2 hours. Two of these little dropplings are located in his food dish. Apparently the saying, "Don't poop where you eat means nothing to him."

That is all.

17 times.

The McMuffin Menu

As we cleaned his horrendously disgusting cage, I held the pig and Kaela cleaned (this is usually how it goes). As I held him, wrapped in a warm fuzzy towel, he looked so cute I had to start taking pictures. Eventually these pictures evolved into a full menu of food items.

Initially, Kaela's mom came up with "Muffin Soup" because he flips over his igloo and then sits in it. Don't even get me started on him flipping over his igloo and then freaking out because he has nowhere to hide. However, this little number is really pretty cute.

Next on the menu is "Guinea Ragoon," a slight moderation to the always popular crab ragoon found at many Chinese restaurants. I am a fan of crab ragoon, but I'm not sure how cream cheese with guinea pig would taste. Side note: guinea pigs are served as a delicacy in some countries. So glad they're not here, or these menu items could very well be true (very disturbing)!

Next we have the "Pig Taco," which lacks some of the core ingredients to a taco, such as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc, but I have a feeling the yummy flavors of Muff will do just fine to make up for the shortcomings in additional ingredients.

Obviously, we had to include Stud as a muffin. It just makes logical sense, and sometimes when he wads up into a ball he can appear pretty compact. What kind of muffin you ask? A stud muffin of course.

Finally, after Kaela clipped his toenails the white and red towel was replaced with a lime green one. Once wrapped in this I thought he looked like a cute little lettuce wrap. During my attempt to catch this adorable candid moment the unthinkable (although, completely thinkable) thing happened: he peed on me. Yes, he peed on me. The top of my leg felt a sudden rush of warmth and there was a little wet spot on my pants. As you may have predicted, I lost track of taking adorable pictures to scream and feel totally disgusted by what had happened. So, unfortunately I don't have a picture of the "Stud Lettuce Wrap," but hopefully the description is enough.

Disclaimer: We have no real intentions of eating our guinea pig, please have no fear.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is that a nose blow I hear?

Who ever thought blowing your nose would make the pig go crazy, because it does. Kaela blows her nose every morning when she gets up (allergies) and the pig associates this with food. Food, his one true love. Naturally, we feed Muff every morning when we get up, usually around the same time, but like most people we do the same things every morning when we get up. For Kaela, its an alarm clock, out of bed, a solid nose blow, maybe a bathroom break and then food for the pig. HE KNOWS THIS.

It's like clock work. Every morning, the second he hears Kaela stirring in bed, the alarm clock go off, or the infamous nose blow he's squeaking like he's about to starve to death. This squeak is not a little, I'm so happy, good morning world squeak; it's ear-piercing. It sounds like someone is torturing him. I can be in my room, with the door shut and still hear him. It's ridiculous.

Want to hear it? I went to this website with a bunch of different guinea pig sounds. Apparently this noise is an "alarm call" and it can happen when guinea pigs are confronted with other guinea pigs or if they are afraid of something. I have NO IDEA what he could possibly be afraid of at 7am, but I'm sure it's not the mounds of hay we give him.

This is the link with what he sounds like. Scroll down and click on Clover (apparently she does a pretty good alarm call). I don't know who has the time to make a website like this...as I blog about my guinea pig. Now, I want you to imagine this "alarm call" as you lie in bed...and it NEVER ENDS.


Until we give him hay of course.