Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, we're horrible parents.

I've re-evaluated my parenting skills and come to the conclusion that the reason I have nothing to write about for this blog is because Kaela and I have paid continuously less attention to poor Stud Muffin. We don't clean his cage to the point where it's difficult to distinguish between food pellets, poo, hay and bedding (these 4 things look nothing alike). Not only do we let the pig live in filth, but the cat has began to live this way as well. We haven't emptied her litter box for over a week. I can't believe I'm admitting this to the world.

Also, we don't play with poor McMuff. We take him out for two seconds and give him a little pet, but then put him right back in his cage. It's no wonder he's overweight and squeaks all the time. However, taking him out and letting him run around is such a process. We have to set up a barricade because he tries to squeeze his little body in the most unlikely places. After we set up a larger cage, we have to make sure we're watching him at all times, because as mentioned in previous posts, Bella will take a swing at him. Then after all of this preparation he hardly runs around and pees and poops all over the floor. It's not like our carpet is in mint condition, but it's still pretty unsanitary. My point: way too much prep for very little excitement and he doesn't even act like he likes it.

What else am I supposed to write about? He has the brain the size of a peanut! I'm sorry Stud, I really do love you, but sometimes you're a little boring.


  1. Maybe Stud Muffin's "parents" spend too much time partying in Minneapolis this past weekend! I hope you spend some serious bonding time this next weekend! Signed, Stud's grandma

  2. Love the comment from Stud's grandma. Go Sue !!

  3. We cleaned his cage today, so he is now a much happier piglet!