Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oops, I peed.

Stud Muffin's biological mom is Kaela, my roommate, but I like to think I am his adopted mom. Her and I like to let him out of his cage to exercise often, because we don't want him to suffer from guinea obesity (an epidemic truly sweeping the population). Tonight was a night we chose for him to spread his little legs, although they don't spread far from his body.

He LOVED it. He was happy for a solid 30 minutes. We fed him carrots, lettuce and he chewed on the occasional wood door trim or cardboard box. We need to look into it, but I'm pretty sure he suffers from a severe case of Pica.

Exhibit A:

Notice the chewed off bottom portion of the cute kitty we had on his cage to keep him company. Apparently he doesn't like cats.

During his exploration this evening he performed a few, not-so-likable, behaviors. First and foremost, he peed. Right on the carpet in our hallway. Needless to say we were somewhat dissatisfied, but his adorable sensational "popcorning" made up for it. Guinea pigs "popcorn," which means they hop up and down energetically to show when they are happy. Of course he couldn't do it at times when I was recording him, but I'll try for next time. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Here are a few pictures of tonight's adventures.

He will go anywhere for food, even into the stinky old slipper.

He smells food.

Welcome Pig

This blog is dedicated to my cute, cuddly guinea pig Stud Muffin and his daily/weekly escapades. He is not quite a year old, but acts like a moody, demanding teenager.

Never a dull moment.